Saturday, January 24, 2015

How To Become a Successful Professional Blogger

I live in chittampally a village where there is no proper facilities of internet and Banks, but lives with a hope to become success person in life and dreams about various possibilites, works for private company near to its village. one find day when he gets ready and went to office.

In a leisure time I took some time to surf the internet, and he searches for some motivational videos of my regional language, and then i started searching the ETV Program (YUVA), then i came across a video of All Tech Media Founder Imranuddin ( a undergraduate earning Lakhs in Rupees) with blogging as Career. i have downloaded the complete video from youtube and saved it in my pen drive. after going home i once again played the video i have downloaded and come to know.

From freely available blogger platforms we can make money, it is the internet which is the powerful weapon where every young generation has in their hands to make blossom results in their life.
Then I come to know the proper usage of internet can create wonders.  It is not money can do everything, or need to buy everything to do anything,
When I thought for a while I remember most of small software companies use complete Open source tools for doing their business in crores.
It’s about the technology we use it properly to update the markets with free of cost.
I believe if there is intension to learn and zeal to become successful person then no circumstances can stop him in becoming so.
That night the idea to become professional blogger has stored into my mind and I was eagerly waiting to sunrise in the next day to go to Office and access internet and research more about SEO.

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  1. all the best dude.. ! future is blogging most of the people now choosing blogging as a career but try to follow the rules of S.E.O (Pure white hat seo) follow the latest updates on blogging just visiting the other bloggers blog.


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