Saturday, March 14, 2015

Infolinks Review - Taste of First Monetizing Program

Infolinks is one such name which is very popular in online advertising platform, monetizing with blogging. i have been using infolinks from the very beginning days of my blog, and here i am to share my experiences with infolinks,  when i started blogging i was  looking for First and easy approval monetizing program, you guys might have noticed that I have not even applied for  Google Ads in my blog, because I have not even applied yet ! why because there are certain things to be taken into  consideration before applying for Google Adsense Program             

First thing i have done is  applied for Infolinks,  the apply process is very easy 

1. visit to infolinks website : http://infolinks.com/
2. Click on Publisher 
3. Click on "Get it Now"
4. Enter your Website URL
5. Enter Full Name
6. Enter Email id
7. Enter Password, & Confirm Password
8. Enter Security Code !

That's it .. the infolinks will take 24 hours of time to review your application, once approved you will get the mail in your inbox stating that your application has been approved.

Once we got approval , login with your userid and password into Publisher Login, go to dashboard above, and check each and every tab, adds integration is very easy 

1. Click on integrate option and follow the rules according to your CMS platform ( wordpress, blogger)

2. To integrate payment options click on Account Tab and follow the instructions.

while there are many similar advertising programs but I recommend you to go with infolinks which is easy and trustful coming to payments. well till now i never faced any problem in integrating with Ads or to my payments options .

Infolinks Payment Options:

1. Bank Wire Transfers 
2. PayPal
3. eCheck
4. Western Union
5. ACH and Payoneer

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