Thursday, February 26, 2015

# Message to New Bloggers in Learning Blogging @!

Hello Friends,
                            welcome back,  I have been taking few breaks in writing the posts, because of heavy work in the office and becoming tired and unable to publish the new post.! Well but the Experience of Blogging is completely new !  I got inspired by looking top bloggers who are doing well and earning handsome Money !

First I would like to thank my readers who are spending some time on my blog. !  and reading my posts, I promise to keep your trust and publish the posts which are helpful in your blogging career!

Who will tell you to write like this ! like that .. learn this . learn that ..do like this .and do like that ..etc  when I started  blogging  I always used to ask for  help from top bloggers .. and what answer I got do you Know .. See the Pic below !

I am posting this comment .. because to let you Know that.. in the real world no one helps .. we have to learn by our own !.. but anyway  i have learned few things for now  and know about how to write content in blogs , how to do " On page Optimization "  and managing some tools.. etc !

but for some reasons this kind of  " Responses" are helpful.. because we will become stronger and stronger and the burning fire inside us will teach us more ...

              No one teaches you completely ! you  have to do research in internet , read pro bloggers blog look for video tutorials ..etc. copy the good aspects of others and make it experiment in your blog.

while one day when I was browsing few blogs .. I came across on top blog I looked the writing style of the blog and experimented in my blog.. it got success !

the way of writing Index, linking to page,  Anchor text ! Keyword research .. all this was learned by my own by reading others blogs !

Mantra for Success :   No single Blogger will share his complete success story on online ! he writes some part of his journey and experience, and another blogger will write some of his experiences ..etc like that we have to read few bloggers blog to get an idea then experiment it on our blog ..!

So depending on others is completely waste ! But not asking for help is also. a Mistake . because may be sometimes he may give an idea !,, so in my opinion don't depend completely on others and also don't forget to ask (Just throw a stone ) ..

Tips to Remember

1.  Reading  number of blogs will get you an idea
2.  No single blogger will tell you the complete story , either reading different bloggers blogs will help us to understand more.
3. Knowing the tools is important  and following Good blogs will keep you update !
4. Experimenting and Copying the Good tricks  is No Sin !
5. Watch More, Read More ..Experiment More ..

One last Quotation for all New bloggers

Naresh Goud

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