Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Effect Of Comments On Blog

When I started blogging, I had number of questions in my mind such as :

 1. How do get indexed in google pages
 2. How to make my blog popular
 3. What is best blog post Lenght

Well I have read many articles and many blog posts on this questions and found multiple answers ! but which one would be the correct ?, when you google something you will get number of pages. but you only read which is relevant and ranked top on the google and similarly I found one article in google, which i followed and would like to share with you now here !

well in the post Complete Beginner's Guide to Effect of Comments on Blog focus on the main points which will  cause the effect on ranking and improving the page juice flow.

According to the study of SERPIQ say's that the higher the length of the content the higher is the page views and improve in ranking, moreover when we present the article in detail naturally it will attract the backlinks.
well any one who provides the detailed examined report on the cause will get good backlinks. 

its not compulsory to write every time 1500 words but when ever we have detailed information and case study its good to write the post in detailed, which generally attracts lot of people.

Authentic information and case studies improves the blog performance which generally make blog popular, there are few methods which i would like to share with you are :

1.  Providing detailed information in blog on any topic 
2. Writing case study on particular effect or incidence !
3. Discussing the topic on blog ! and inviting people to write their opinions !
4. Creating Controversies like Ram Gopal Verma ! haa haa !
5. Providing Special offers to Readers like Give aways and freebies. !

Now writing the blog with passion and interest will increase our word count , well there is no special rule to blog length, but it depends on making page optimization it is believed to have at least 250 - 400 words  but I don't care the rules . I write what ever i wish to say to my readers. ... or do i follow any SEO Techniques here.

Till now i didn't implemented any SEO strategy even though i knew how to do it , but as for now i am prefering the general and organic traffic from google search and social media., its not referral traffic which is improving my results its completely organic traffic and search in google.. you would expect this tricks to be implemented in my blog very soon !

Commenting on Blog :  Commenting in blogs generally helps the blog traffic and rank, because Google loves the fresh content ! when  ever some someone comments on your blog a fresh information is added to the page, and it make the Juice flow , if the comment is from the relevant blogs like Technology blog to Technology blog .. then the impact will be good ! simultaneously short comments and irrelevant comments doesn't play any role and its good to remove from the blog.


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