Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Effect Of Comments On Blog

When I started blogging, I had number of questions in my mind such as :

 1. How do get indexed in google pages
 2. How to make my blog popular
 3. What is best blog post Lenght

Well I have read many articles and many blog posts on this questions and found multiple answers ! but which one would be the correct ?, when you google something you will get number of pages. but you only read which is relevant and ranked top on the google and similarly I found one article in google, which i followed and would like to share with you now here !

well in the post Complete Beginner's Guide to Effect of Comments on Blog focus on the main points which will  cause the effect on ranking and improving the page juice flow.

According to the study of SERPIQ say's that the higher the length of the content the higher is the page views and improve in ranking, moreover when we present the article in detail naturally it will attract the backlinks.
well any one who provides the detailed examined report on the cause will get good backlinks. 

its not compulsory to write every time 1500 words but when ever we have detailed information and case study its good to write the post in detailed, which generally attracts lot of people.

Authentic information and case studies improves the blog performance which generally make blog popular, there are few methods which i would like to share with you are :

1.  Providing detailed information in blog on any topic 
2. Writing case study on particular effect or incidence !
3. Discussing the topic on blog ! and inviting people to write their opinions !
4. Creating Controversies like Ram Gopal Verma ! haa haa !
5. Providing Special offers to Readers like Give aways and freebies. !

Now writing the blog with passion and interest will increase our word count , well there is no special rule to blog length, but it depends on making page optimization it is believed to have at least 250 - 400 words  but I don't care the rules . I write what ever i wish to say to my readers. ... or do i follow any SEO Techniques here.

Till now i didn't implemented any SEO strategy even though i knew how to do it , but as for now i am prefering the general and organic traffic from google search and social media., its not referral traffic which is improving my results its completely organic traffic and search in google.. you would expect this tricks to be implemented in my blog very soon !

Commenting on Blog :  Commenting in blogs generally helps the blog traffic and rank, because Google loves the fresh content ! when  ever some someone comments on your blog a fresh information is added to the page, and it make the Juice flow , if the comment is from the relevant blogs like Technology blog to Technology blog .. then the impact will be good ! simultaneously short comments and irrelevant comments doesn't play any role and its good to remove from the blog.
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Infolinks Review - Taste of First Monetizing Program

Infolinks is one such name which is very popular in online advertising platform, monetizing with blogging. i have been using infolinks from the very beginning days of my blog, and here i am to share my experiences with infolinks,  when i started blogging i was  looking for First and easy approval monetizing program, you guys might have noticed that I have not even applied for  Google Ads in my blog, because I have not even applied yet ! why because there are certain things to be taken into  consideration before applying for Google Adsense Program             

First thing i have done is  applied for Infolinks,  the apply process is very easy 

1. visit to infolinks website : http://infolinks.com/
2. Click on Publisher 
3. Click on "Get it Now"
4. Enter your Website URL
5. Enter Full Name
6. Enter Email id
7. Enter Password, & Confirm Password
8. Enter Security Code !

That's it .. the infolinks will take 24 hours of time to review your application, once approved you will get the mail in your inbox stating that your application has been approved.

Once we got approval , login with your userid and password into Publisher Login, go to dashboard above, and check each and every tab, adds integration is very easy 

1. Click on integrate option and follow the rules according to your CMS platform ( wordpress, blogger)

2. To integrate payment options click on Account Tab and follow the instructions.

while there are many similar advertising programs but I recommend you to go with infolinks which is easy and trustful coming to payments. well till now i never faced any problem in integrating with Ads or to my payments options .

Infolinks Payment Options:

1. Bank Wire Transfers 
2. PayPal
3. eCheck
4. Western Union
5. ACH and Payoneer

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What Experts Are Saying About Why URL Shorteners Are Useful

Hello Friends,
                        Welcome Back, to another topic " why URL Shorten are useful", I hope people who  are reading this article are already a blogger or webmaster, who already have an idea of basic blogging and maintaining website. !

we know the importance of publicity,  and the  role it plays in improving our blog rankings, Many bloggers will use this technique to advertise their posts on social media like facebook and twitter,  we know that even our Prime Minister : Narendra Modi uses Twitter to post his updates.

People are crazy and conscious about what happening in the world, and they love to follow the people whom they like. From Common people to Celebrity's use Twitter !

Twitter is used by many peoples in the world, its a powerful Social Media to promote,  and to make publicity in Twitter it gives us only 140 words,  we should able to write within 140 words  and its highly impossible to express it within 140 words. there plays an important role of URL shortening.

                                    Importance of making URL Shorten :

1. Shorten URL Makes more sense and Manageable :

One of the reason for making URL Shorten for bloggers is to share in the social media like Twitter and Facebook,  well shorten the URL  makes sharing and tracking easy, which can fit into any web application.

2. Tracing and Tracking is Simple and easy :
Well URL shorten is nothing but making the long URL into Short with in 20 words. which is highly recommended in Search Engine Optimization., well tracing and tracking of link is also easy, when any link is shorten it gives the another link which is again linked back to the page which has Original Link.

3. URL shorten helping to Promote Social Media :
Now for every blogger URL shorten is important to advertise in social media, with this we are not only promoting the URL shorten websites but simultaneously creating the importance of social media and Making it powerful platform, its one of reason why   Social Media websites are becoming very powerful.

4. Free to use and easy to share:
well these services are absolutely free, we know that there are many website available for URL shorten in which few are listed below, Now with the growing importance of URL shorten, Social Media Promoters are thinking of the new mode to create their own URL shorten websites.

5.  URL shorten promote Sharing:
now with shorten URL,Sharing has become easy and can be sent in any web application , as if you take any URL shorten website creates within 20 words link.

Few URL shorten Websites which i use :

Google URL Shortener       http://goo.gl/



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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Early Steps to Avoid Mistakes When blogging

Hello Friends,
          Welcome back,  To a new post " Early Steps to Avoid Mistakes When Blogging"
when i started blogging, I made many mistakes, these are general and common to every new blogger. while many people forget the truth that
                                "Mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating" 
but its true that without making mistakes, we cannot learn, we should learn from every mistake we make and see that its not repeated it again.
1. Using Personalized Domain :
well its good to start a blog with a free content management systems like blogger ! for learning purpose, but if we really want to make professional and create money with blogging, then we better go for secure and paid platform like wordpress, well i suggest people who would like to learn the basics of blogging and SEO , then start with free CMS, but for making a career and generate income through Ads Network i recommend to go for paid CMS.

2.  Procrastinating to Make Posts !
Its common and general problem for every new blogger to write new post everyday ! while many new bloggers who newly stepped into the blogging will face this problem, while managing job and write new post everyday will anyway be some difficult, but its not that we Can't do it ....!  while in the process of learning if we also learn few things like Time Management and Commitment and Dedication .. we can overcome this fear of procrastinating

3. Placing Ads too Early:
while many new bloggers are too hurry in earning from their blog, but in real time its impossible to earn overnight, its fine to learn and experiment the advertising networks and placing the Ads in decent manner, without annoying the readers who read your blog ! but few new bloggers are hurry to earn and place too many Ads and make reader annoying ! while I recommend experimenting with few Ads and make readers to read the Quality Content, Such that he may visit your website again. 

4. Selecting the Subject Domain :
this is one of the main point were people generally do mistake, when we have decided to do blogging, we have to select a Domain or Niche ( Niche is something like Subject) lets say we are good at technology , then we should write the blog on technology or if we are good at SEO , then we should write the topics related to SEO or the experience of New Blogging. so Selecting a Niche or Domain for your blog is so important 

Lets say My Blog is all about Journey of Blogger in Successful Blogging.. I write my experiences and learning of Blogging and SEO .. and people who are new into the blogging field and people who are new will read the blog !

Tips in Selecting your Blog Domain / Niche :   

1. while selecting a Subject Domain or Niche, we should select the Niche which is most interested to you and you can write number of topics. 
2. We should also keep in mind while selecting a Niche, that to whom we are targeting the audience ?
( are we writing the blog for Technology people, New bloggers, etc). to whom we are targeting
3. What my blog is teaching to people and what kind of role it is playing ?
4.  is that my blog is Unique in representing and writing ?

5.  Giving up too early :
                                           we start blogging very enthusiastically and dream of making big and earn overnight, but its not in reality.. its a game of patience and mind, and lack of patience and creativity people give up too early.  to say you frankly Blogging is like playing Chess ! its a mind game , You should know you opponents moves and play with brain.  I say rather giving up, Play like Winner and break you own ranking Records !

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Link with in the same Page and Same Post in Blogger !

Hello Friends,
                          Welcome back,  Today i am going to teach you, how to link  with in the same page and same post ..Well in the last Task we have learned about , How to draw a Table .and today we are going to learn how to link with in the same page and same post. ?

if you see the successful bloggers blogs, you notice they write content while doing keyword research and link the table of contents to post !,  blog writing is an art ! which we do learn by practice and learning,

Successful bloggers like , Harsh Agarwal, Imranuddin, Amit Agarwal ! the way they write the contents are amazing ! , it is something called Mind Mapping !  if you have ever noticed !

when they start writing any post, they also write the other  relevant post and interlink each other !
and in Harsh Agarwal's blog you find .. Table of contents is linked to blog post ! 

So as discussed in  today Task  : how to link with in the same page and same post !
Here is the code :
 < a href = "#tips"> Blogging tips </a>

So here in the first code "#tips" is the short name given to Blogging Tips topic !

<a name = "tips" > </a> Blogging tips 

Here we are linking the Blogging tips in the first code with < a name = "tips"> </a> Blogging tips

So when we write the index as Blogging tips (As mentioned in Code : 1, and in the second code we are linking the index with the text in the post !

So in the first task we have learned how to draw table and we also learned how to link the index to post ! the way of designing and writing content is and art ! we should learn few good things from fellow bloggers and implement in  our blogs !

As a newbie blogger one should learn as many blogs as he can and experiment it own his blogs. we do get the best ideas by reading fellow bloggers and from google ! in the next task I would like to show you how to write keyword rich content and doing promotion over facebook ! before this task i would like to explain the motto of https://pvnideas.blogspot.in and further Scope of blog !

Thank you !

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Creating Table for list of Contents in Blogger

Hello Friends,
                         welcome back to https://pvnideas.blogspot.in !  when a newbie enters into blogging, he usually gets many doubts. while i am also one among you who got many doubts in solving few things in blogging. so i thought it would be great if i post few methods and tricks which solved my blogging problems and which could also be helpful to you ! well I would like to create Tasks and give the solutions and i wish if someone has better solution than me are welcome to post his method in comment box !

Task : 1    Create a table and list the contents inside
Solution :   while i don't know from where I got this trick, I have habbit of saving the code which is useful to me in my database and use it whenever i need , so here is the code !
<table border="1" bordercolor="#0099FF" cellspacing="0" style="width: 370px;">
        <td height="1" valign="top"><span style="font-family: Verdana; font-size: x-small;">Text here...</span></td>
Copy and paste the code in Html and swith to compose view you see the table,  just edit table and write the index if you need extra space press enter !
Here is the output

1. How to Create a Table..

So by this way you can switch to Compose and HTML view and adjust  the code and text !
by creating a table you ensure to list the index of topics !

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

# Message to New Bloggers in Learning Blogging @!

Hello Friends,
                            welcome back,  I have been taking few breaks in writing the posts, because of heavy work in the office and becoming tired and unable to publish the new post.! Well but the Experience of Blogging is completely new !  I got inspired by looking top bloggers who are doing well and earning handsome Money !

First I would like to thank my readers who are spending some time on my blog. !  and reading my posts, I promise to keep your trust and publish the posts which are helpful in your blogging career!

Who will tell you to write like this ! like that .. learn this . learn that ..do like this .and do like that ..etc  when I started  blogging  I always used to ask for  help from top bloggers .. and what answer I got do you Know .. See the Pic below !

I am posting this comment .. because to let you Know that.. in the real world no one helps .. we have to learn by our own !.. but anyway  i have learned few things for now  and know about how to write content in blogs , how to do " On page Optimization "  and managing some tools.. etc !

but for some reasons this kind of  " Responses" are helpful.. because we will become stronger and stronger and the burning fire inside us will teach us more ...

              No one teaches you completely ! you  have to do research in internet , read pro bloggers blog look for video tutorials ..etc. copy the good aspects of others and make it experiment in your blog.

while one day when I was browsing few blogs .. I came across on top blog I looked the writing style of the blog and experimented in my blog.. it got success !

the way of writing Index, linking to page,  Anchor text ! Keyword research .. all this was learned by my own by reading others blogs !

Mantra for Success :   No single Blogger will share his complete success story on online ! he writes some part of his journey and experience, and another blogger will write some of his experiences ..etc like that we have to read few bloggers blog to get an idea then experiment it on our blog ..!

So depending on others is completely waste ! But not asking for help is also. a Mistake . because may be sometimes he may give an idea !,, so in my opinion don't depend completely on others and also don't forget to ask (Just throw a stone ) ..

Tips to Remember

1.  Reading  number of blogs will get you an idea
2.  No single blogger will tell you the complete story , either reading different bloggers blogs will help us to understand more.
3. Knowing the tools is important  and following Good blogs will keep you update !
4. Experimenting and Copying the Good tricks  is No Sin !
5. Watch More, Read More ..Experiment More ..

One last Quotation for all New bloggers

Naresh Goud
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