Saturday, January 24, 2015

Learning The Concepts of Blogging And SEO

When i reached the office it was already 10 min late, and i had lot of things to do related to my office and i need to manage the timings of office hours and also need to take up time in leisure hours for developing my blog since there was difficulty of internet connection at my home premises.
After a thorough research on internet I come to know the topics which I have to learn first to become a successful blogger is

Here I am listing some of the topics which is mandatory to learn for every blogger,

1. Basic overview about Blogging, SEO and Making Money with Blogging and Internet Marketing.
2. How Google Search Engine works. Crawling, Indexing and Page Rank flow analysis.
3. Domain Registration, Domain Setup and Domain Redirection.
4. Basics of Template Setup, Editing Blogger/ Wordpress. Necessary Widgets and Plugins and their installation process.
5. Complete Keyword Research with Google Adwords Keywords tool.
6. Finding your competitor keywords. Finding higly profitable keywords with high cpc and with
low competition.
7. Article writing, posting with proper usage of keywords in titles, metas
8. On Page Keyword Optimization, saving page rank juice flow, optimizing the web page and
loading speed for better user experience.

“Everyone can make a blog but only few people can create revenue through the successful blog”
The next step which was running into my mind is to Google those all topics and learn all the concepts, so I started downloading the stuff from YouTube and Google. In the process of downloading the right videos I came across lot of lengthy and unwanted stuff which I need to separate and only focus on the right subject and the day 2 was about to end at office and I have transferred few videos into my pen drive which I downloaded and left the office signing off for the day.!


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