Thursday, March 5, 2015

How to Link with in the same Page and Same Post in Blogger !

Hello Friends,
                          Welcome back,  Today i am going to teach you, how to link  with in the same page and same post ..Well in the last Task we have learned about , How to draw a Table .and today we are going to learn how to link with in the same page and same post. ?

if you see the successful bloggers blogs, you notice they write content while doing keyword research and link the table of contents to post !,  blog writing is an art ! which we do learn by practice and learning,

Successful bloggers like , Harsh Agarwal, Imranuddin, Amit Agarwal ! the way they write the contents are amazing ! , it is something called Mind Mapping !  if you have ever noticed !

when they start writing any post, they also write the other  relevant post and interlink each other !
and in Harsh Agarwal's blog you find .. Table of contents is linked to blog post ! 

So as discussed in  today Task  : how to link with in the same page and same post !
Here is the code :
 < a href = "#tips"> Blogging tips </a>

So here in the first code "#tips" is the short name given to Blogging Tips topic !

<a name = "tips" > </a> Blogging tips 

Here we are linking the Blogging tips in the first code with < a name = "tips"> </a> Blogging tips

So when we write the index as Blogging tips (As mentioned in Code : 1, and in the second code we are linking the index with the text in the post !

So in the first task we have learned how to draw table and we also learned how to link the index to post ! the way of designing and writing content is and art ! we should learn few good things from fellow bloggers and implement in  our blogs !

As a newbie blogger one should learn as many blogs as he can and experiment it own his blogs. we do get the best ideas by reading fellow bloggers and from google ! in the next task I would like to show you how to write keyword rich content and doing promotion over facebook ! before this task i would like to explain the motto of https://pvnideas.blogspot.in and further Scope of blog !

Thank you !

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