Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Early Steps to Avoid Mistakes When blogging

Hello Friends,
          Welcome back,  To a new post " Early Steps to Avoid Mistakes When Blogging"
when i started blogging, I made many mistakes, these are general and common to every new blogger. while many people forget the truth that
                                "Mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating" 
but its true that without making mistakes, we cannot learn, we should learn from every mistake we make and see that its not repeated it again.
1. Using Personalized Domain :
well its good to start a blog with a free content management systems like blogger ! for learning purpose, but if we really want to make professional and create money with blogging, then we better go for secure and paid platform like wordpress, well i suggest people who would like to learn the basics of blogging and SEO , then start with free CMS, but for making a career and generate income through Ads Network i recommend to go for paid CMS.

2.  Procrastinating to Make Posts !
Its common and general problem for every new blogger to write new post everyday ! while many new bloggers who newly stepped into the blogging will face this problem, while managing job and write new post everyday will anyway be some difficult, but its not that we Can't do it ....!  while in the process of learning if we also learn few things like Time Management and Commitment and Dedication .. we can overcome this fear of procrastinating

3. Placing Ads too Early:
while many new bloggers are too hurry in earning from their blog, but in real time its impossible to earn overnight, its fine to learn and experiment the advertising networks and placing the Ads in decent manner, without annoying the readers who read your blog ! but few new bloggers are hurry to earn and place too many Ads and make reader annoying ! while I recommend experimenting with few Ads and make readers to read the Quality Content, Such that he may visit your website again. 

4. Selecting the Subject Domain :
this is one of the main point were people generally do mistake, when we have decided to do blogging, we have to select a Domain or Niche ( Niche is something like Subject) lets say we are good at technology , then we should write the blog on technology or if we are good at SEO , then we should write the topics related to SEO or the experience of New Blogging. so Selecting a Niche or Domain for your blog is so important 

Lets say My Blog is all about Journey of Blogger in Successful Blogging.. I write my experiences and learning of Blogging and SEO .. and people who are new into the blogging field and people who are new will read the blog !

Tips in Selecting your Blog Domain / Niche :   

1. while selecting a Subject Domain or Niche, we should select the Niche which is most interested to you and you can write number of topics. 
2. We should also keep in mind while selecting a Niche, that to whom we are targeting the audience ?
( are we writing the blog for Technology people, New bloggers, etc). to whom we are targeting
3. What my blog is teaching to people and what kind of role it is playing ?
4.  is that my blog is Unique in representing and writing ?

5.  Giving up too early :
                                           we start blogging very enthusiastically and dream of making big and earn overnight, but its not in reality.. its a game of patience and mind, and lack of patience and creativity people give up too early.  to say you frankly Blogging is like playing Chess ! its a mind game , You should know you opponents moves and play with brain.  I say rather giving up, Play like Winner and break you own ranking Records !

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