About Us

Hello Readers,

Welcome to PVN Ideas – A platform for BlogSpot blogging and SEO Concepts. Here you will learn from Basics of Blogging to Advanced Level of Blogging
PVN Ideas was ongoing blog with running experiences and recording each and every event of blogging, in a journey of becoming a successful professional blogger.

Here at PVN Ideas, I share everything I have learnt and still learning about becoming a professional blogger

About Me

Hey Guys, Welcome to PVN Ideas and let me cordially introduce myself to you. I’m  Naresh Goud, who is passionate about blogging and technology and internet marketing.

I’am an Software Engineer by Education and Employee in Private Organization. I finished my schooling in Hyderabad  and completed my Engineering in B-Tech from Jawaharlal Technological University, Hyderabad in 2007 and then completed my MBA.

Computers and Internet have been my passion since I connected my first Internet Connection in Engineering First Year, while I was thoroughly   going with the concepts of Hacking, Cracking, and softwares, and sleeping around 02:00 PM at midnight 

My Dad has removed the internet Connection in the very first year, and  Later we moved to village where internet connection is very rare and then how somehow .. got it after a very long back


PVN Ideas  is a newbie blog which is developing in quick pace and coming up with all the concepts for Newbie bloggers , the blog itself is a learning and simultaneously sharing the success and  failures of its journey towards to become a successful Professional Blogger.
We are sharing the route map for newbie bloggers on development of  successful professional blogger.

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