Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Motivation for Bloggers Can Help You Predict the Future

Hello Friends,
                       Welcome back,  In the last post i said you that i will your write some motivational Quotes for bloggers, I don't want to give you long lesson or free advices, i Just say few Quotes

                      "The Best way to Predict the Future is to Create It "

              " Don't Wait for the Perfect Moment,
                                 Take the Moment and Make it Perfect "

                                               " Mistakes are the Proof that you are Trying"

I don't want to give you long advices or theory Classes, in fact I hate long theory classes, I myself is kind of person who would like to learn in practical instead sitting for long hours and reading pro bloggers blog and pass my time,

I believe if you want to learn, little bit information, Mountain Like Courage & Things to Experiment is enough to jump into any kind of field.

You Know one thing.. I had a wish to learn swimming at the age of "29" , when i asked few people , about learning Swimming at this point of age .. they said its somewhat difficult but hardly take One month to learn,

but its my determination and courage which made the lessons short ..and i learned it in 6 Days ! Same in the Case of Learning Driving.., When someone wants to Learn Driving . Generally what they do .. they join in some Driving Classes..

But Where I have Directly Learned on my College Bus ( Swaraj Mazda) with in One week and Later Joined Car Driving Coaching Just for Taking Driving License..

Conclusion : Things are easy if you learn with Interest and determination, Never Care about what Others Speaking.. Never be discouraged like " Who Will read my blog" and " Where from i get the Traffic "  The Time Comes when people will automatically comes to your blog..

I say .. you just blog .and continue write the post .. writing numbers of posts will help you , but don't write the Scrap , One you have few numbers of posts.. interlink each others such that it will create a link Juice to your blog and you get internal links to your blog.

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