Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Why Starting Blogging in Different Ways Will Change Your Life

Hello Friends,
                         Welcome back , In the last post i promised to tell you how i started blogging in different way
while anyway this is my starting journey to learn  professional blogging, but i thought of making my blog as simple as writing letters to my friends, I have started blogging to learn ! its nothing called passion, intension , monitize, etc.. its just because a curiosity to learn ! Learn Blogging, Learn SEO, Learn Affiliate Marketing, !

its Okay when we have curiosity to learn, why Not choose a platform and experiment it and share with my friends such that people who read my posts also reads my experiences and procedures i followed.

so there are many platforms like , Blogger, Wordpress , drupal, etc,.. i have choosen the easiest platform ie blogger! Any way in future i will shift to wordpress, because of security and Professionalize  
              To tell you the fact No One in the world will teach you everything ! Even myself  I am learning by my own, and i am writing these posts,  Where you all people are, i am also in the same Level,  But only a single hope is dragging me forward.!

What is the first Step I have done ?

I have downloaded some  videos from youtube and I researched some top blogging sites. when you read some good blogs, you get some idea in which Niche they are into !

Question arises what is Called Niche ?

What is Niche ?
Niche is nothing but a sub category , let's say if someone is writing on Technology , in that he is specially covering ( Android and Phones) this is called Niche !


 Don't Simply read the blogs ! Look into the blog Style of writing , Where he is using H1 title
where he has used H2, H3 , in which section he has done Keyword Targeting, where he used Anchor Text !

for a new bloggers some terms which i am able to write easily is difficult to understand like :

H1, H2,H3, Titles ( What are these ? ) : these are simple HTML programming Language.
Keyword Planner , ( What is Keyword Planner ) : Keyword Planner is a Tool of  Google Called ( Adwords)  in which you do Keyword Research , and target the Keywords,
Anchor Text  : Anchor Text is a Text which is Hyper linked  to internal page or external page !

I recommend for New bloggers don't simply read the pro bloggers blogs,  Understand how they are able to write content, what technique they are using, how the blog looks like , what tools they are using, what are the tools , which blogs they are following ? how they are able to earn huge amounts through there blogs etc,.....

a new bloggers should fill up his mind with full of Questions , first find the questions later find the answers,.
Now a days .. finding answer is very easy ! through google, but making a question is very difficult !

Fill up your mind with full of questions, and then start research on answers,...............

Coming in the Next Post :  Techniques of a Smart Blogger !

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