Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why the World Would End Without Links That Matters to Googles

Hello Friends,
                           I apologize to my readers for  delay in writing the post ! Anyway this time I came up with new topic "  Links That Matters to Google"

Haa!  After reading few articles on Links related to SEO! I understood .. " Links That Matters to Google"  to elevate in Page Rankings , let me understand you in simple terminology ! 

Friends to make you easily understand how Google Ranks the page, I am Taking one Example !

.Let Say Google is the Chief Election Commissioner and People who Run  websites/blogs  are Contestants and people who view websites  are General Public !

How do we elect our leader through votes, similarly Google Decides Page Ranks based on Number of Quality (Same Niche) links (votes) it has to their website.!  The Number of Quality Links (votes) denotes the Authority and Authorship , with which it jumps in higher page Rank !

General Public who view the website through Google Search Engine is Called : Organic Search
"Organic Search results are search engine results because of the pages that appear relevant to the search keyword"

People who hire for SEO in any website to Pay Per Click, Cost Per Click , Cost Per Acquisition with which it elevates its Rank is Called : Inorganic Search 

So Links that matters to Google ! More the Number of links ..Increase in the Page Rank .but if the link is from same Niche it improves in betterment of ranking ! and if the links are from bad websites it results in decrease in rank !

Types of Links

Links Can be divided into two types they are :

1. Internal Links       &    2. External Links 

Internal Links  ( Falls Into ON PAGE SEO  Technique )

Internal Links are the links coming from our own website ! Example ( Anchor Text )
1. Anchor Text : is the Text which relates to meaningful or relavent page !

You might have seen the strategy of bloggers, that when they write the post they also write the relevant articles and link it to another page... this method is called internal linking ! with this you pass the Link Juice to website.

2. Comments : Comments is one among the strategy to flow the link juice to our own website,

External links   ( Falls into OFF PAGE SEO Technique )

1.  External Links or Backlinks : These are the links which matters to Google, if the links is from same Niche then it is considers relevant !

while when we are discussing on links we should also know about . what is called Do Follow Links and No Follow Links

Do Follow Links : Do Follow Links are the links which either may be from Same Niche or Authority websites , Good Page Rank websites etc !

No Follow Links : No Follow Links are the links which flow viewership and link juice but do not have effect on improvement of Page Rank !

Hope you Now have an Idea on Links That Matters to Google !

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