Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why Performance Report of PVN IDEA'S are the Best Things Since Sliced Bread

                    Well it was glad to know that my blog is performing well in Alexa rankings, and its been my  pleasure in writing you a letter everyday describing each new topic,

In Today's Topic I would like to tell you about my blog performance and everyday learning practices.When a newbie like me would like to learn Professional blogging then he has to face some challenges.

No one is going to teach you practically or either help you in giving complete information on how to do it, we should learn by our own, and I started my journey in the same way, I goggled lots of stuff related to blogging, Seo , tips & Tricks and  affiliate Marketing.

this blog is purely a evidence to new bloggers how the blog is reaching its way 


what are the few steps I am doing regularly  , Here is the answer !

As a newbie in blogging, I  read lot of stuff from others blog , and I  note down few important points, then i will experiment in this blog, 

I not only Experimented with this blog but also registered in few Ad Networks like infolinks , Shareasale, Clickbank etc  and got approved from it. 

I am showing this blog as a purely real time example of learning  and the way to achieve success,. In the coming articles I will post all the necessary information related to blogging and show you practically how to do it.

Well it boosts us when we do something and get the fruitful results., Here is my alexa rank and look  at the picture ! and look back after few weeks you will notice how fast it is changing and Notice. How quality of articles are going to be  published, the way of writing the post , interlinking, backlinkgs etc....

Blog Started 5 Days Ago and Here is my Alexa Rankings !

.well i have started purely to let you know this blogs as ( Beginner to Intermediate Level ), In the coming days you will notice the blog will move to Secure CMS ( Content Management System) and  complete improvement from ( Intermediate Level to Advanced Level)

but to say frankly  it will take few more months to complete my ( Basic to Intermediate Level) of Blogging Chapters,  and after finished of my basic Chapters I will Let you know once again !

Blog Initial Ranking When I Started Five Days Ago !
Alexa Global : 67 Lakhs
Alexa India : 1 Lakh Above 

New Rankings 
Alexa Global : 13 Lakhs
Alexa India : 66 Thousand

All This is Happening Very Fast and with in 5 days ! for Newbie blogger without  SEO Tactics ! Check Out Statics Once SEO has implemented Here !

Note : New bloggers are recommended to follow this blog and learn it simultaneously ! 


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